ost agencies offer only services in either commerical/business or areas of healthcare. Healthcare is of great importance to our operation; however, our experience in other areas of bad debt enables us to offer better results to all types of clients. Our collection of services extends from to vast areas of domestic and international economies.

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For over twenty years, we have been the only company in the state of West Virginia that continues to excel and develop its commercial collection division. Our collectors know how to get in touch with the right people, for payment in full.

You need capital for your continued success. We assist in cutting your losses on the front end through rapid turnaround and results. We can also assist you in making better credit decisions for the future, based on our experience.

When you provide your services, products or goods, you expect to be paid in full, not through an inconvenient payment arrangement. Many commercial accounts are paid within hours upon receipt at our agency. Think about it: how many individuals/businesses have access to credit cards with limits beyond $50,000.00? We are that quick and effective in our professional approach.

Larger balance accounts are usually worked by our team of collectors. If you are a wholesaler, contractor, manufacturer or any business entity that is owed money, we can help!


We began our business in 1985 when two small private colleges placed their confidence and trust in us to produce immediate results. At that time, as with today, there was little money available in debt collection; however we excelled and student loans have remained a significant part of our portfolio.

Updating interest and any other extra charges required when dealing with federal student loans is never a problem with our software. We understand these concepts and can access charges in any manner, whether they are flat rate, percentage, past, present or future.


Having grown and matured our business with the current healthcare industry, we have a significant hospital and physician client base. We have also branched into various supportive industries such as ambulatory services and clinical testing. We take the position that a healthcare debt is private pay, and thus our experience in all other areas of collections is utilized to give you the maximum return--in a timely but professional manner.


Over the years we have collected a variety of taxes from state personal income tax; personal property taxes plus a variety of municipal fees. Each tax has unique requirements in collection.

For example, personal property tax must be paid in full as the law does not permit partial payments. We also have extensive experience in other areas of tax collection, such as execution of levies and knowledge regarding taxes for which the controlling officers of a corporation may be liable.


Before all the mergers and acquisitions, we worked exclusively for most banks in West Virginia collecting deficiency balances, credit cards, promissory notes and student loans. We are the only company in the state with the experience and fortitude to do this kind of work.


As our economy weakens, various industries (builders, manufacturers, utilities and numerous retail markets) are seeking our assistance in reducing their bad debt. The combination of our extensive experience and able software gives us the edge in assisting these clients.


One would assume that most resorts are paid by credit card, given the large expense involved. Also, corporate gatherings or large weddings that can be cancelled at the last moment while still having unsettled debt. Resorts normally have a cancellation policy in order to offset their cost, which is usually significant. They rely on us to reduce their losses as soon as possible. We can often get an account paid within minutes-to-hours on the same day it was received!


With the advent of the Internet and related technology, our company has been able to pursue clients and debtors in such places as Singapore, Japan and South Africa. For instance, in South Africa, we processed claims involving jet engine manufacturers and wholesalers of raw material.

We network with several international agencies and attorneys to retrieve the money due you in a very quick and cost effective manner. We have been very impressed with our success in international debt collection. Whether our client or a debtor is located in the United States or worldwide we can collect the money due you

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